about Robert and Robin Jones

Robin and Robert Jones have lived part-time in the village of Molyvos, on the beautiful island of Lesbos, Greece for 42 years.  In 2015 Lesbos became a flashpoint for the refugee crisis sweeping Europe and Asia.  The Jones’s joined other volunteers to help the refugees. At a temporary transit stop set up for the refugees, Robin, an art teacher, provided paper, colored pens and a plastic tablecloth she spread on the ground to give the children a place to draw. They sketched tanks and guns but also flowers and homes. Streaks of blue represented the water they had just crossed. Robin’s photographs and Robert’s narrative tell a compelling story of families fleeing from cities and towns where they feared for their lives. It is their hope that this book will, through the eyes of the children, bring home the real impact of the “Refugee Crisis” and put a human face on this unprecedented exodus.